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I work for the state, my pension is safe

18 Jun

Red Fleet

Do you work for the state? Do you think your future is safe? Do you think it’s funny that the mafia gang that pays your wages, expenses, and pension is going to ‘make’ me pay for you long after it has financially pummelled me into the ground (if it can find me)? Well, thanks for that. But I do believe I’m going to end up far more amused than you when the state you worship, adore, and sell your soul to each day, in return for the daily bread it steals from me, is going to cut you off at the knees and looks after its far more senior members instead.

It will do this when it runs out of my money, it can’t borrow any more money, and the money it can print is worthless. Read your classics history on ancient Egypt, ancient Persia, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. It’s all there. It’s all happened before. And it’s all going to happen again. Welcome to the Matrix of history rhyming with itself.

Don’t believe me? Just look and see what’s happening in Detroit, a sort of modern-day version of a Hadrian’s Wall outpost. Because this ‘letting go of the help’ is going to happen in every western state-run city in the world.

But avoid worrying completely. When I’m on the beach in Thailand, I’m sure I’ll be needing someone to wash my car.

The Rape of the Cypriots

19 Mar


Just where do we begin with the Cyprus story?

Obviously, whenever a politician’s lips move they’re usually telling a deliberate lie, except when they tell the truth by accident. But now everyone in Europe, indeed in the entire world, knows that the IMF and the EU are entirely crooked, right through to their cores. Anyone with more than a single brain cell, from the dumbest socialists through to heroic and complete believers in a totally voluntary society, will never trust anything either organisation ever says again, about any subject, which is all to the good.

For to expose themselves as such charlatans and as such liars in such a naked way as to directly steal other people’s wealth in such a brazen fashion, really does mark the noontide of their freeloading arrogance and their parasitical hubris.

From now on, for both mafiosi organisations, the only way is down. For we have entered the realm where global-aspiring government bodies have decided to treat what they think of as their serfs – to borrow the apocryphal words of Doug Casey – as beef cows rather than as milk cows.

They have crossed their own Rubicon and the die will now run against them.

As Jim Sinclair has reported, Russian oligarchs may have had hundreds of billions of dollars squirreled away in Cypriot bank accounts. For the IMF and the EU to steal 10% of this enormous stash via their joint rapine confiscation is obviously direct criminality of the most breathtaking and gargantuan kind. However, such a height of open theft – all at the stroke of a single crooked bureaucrat’s pen – will also generate geopolitical repercussions which will ring out across forthcoming generations.

Although similar in its metaphysical nature to the Roman Republic’s Rape of the Sabines – a key historical abduction which helped grow the nascent power of Rome – this Rape of the Cypriots will instead lead to a rapid decline of the dreadful paper euro currency and then to a slower decline of the appalling EU itself.

So if we’re to use Roman history as our guide, this criminal act is going to have an effect more like the Diocletianic Persecution of 303 A.D., which tried to wipe out Christianity. This massive government crime completely backfired too and achieved the absolute opposite of its intentions, to the point where the most visible remnant of the Roman Empire has become the Christian Church of Rome, a glorious historical rebuke to Diocletian’s original Historicist and murderous intent.

The IMF and the EU have just tried to savage Russia to save the euro. The result will be the destruction of the euro and the rise of what I hope in its fullest extent might become a 100%-reserve golden rouble.

Though I’ll settle for the simple destruction of the euro, if that’s all that’s on offer.

In the meantime, do what the Russians are going to do. Start turning your paper junk into metal ingots.

Start by using our precious metals links via our Euro Vigilante services menu option to start saving some real money, in half-decent jurisdictions, as opposed to storing paper scrip inside the turf territories of the mafia gang known as the EU.

For they have announced their intentions and you will hate yourself when they do it to you too, and you delayed acting. Over the next few years, they will either print your paper into leaf litter or just steal it directly from your EU-supervised bank accounts.

Turn that paper into precious metal instead, and store it outside the EU. Then you can go and have some crêpes to reward yourself for doing yourself such a favour.

Just like those who are able to leave the room in this video.

Never put your trust in conservative political parties

14 Mar

Odious Imp

One of the great myths of democracy is that ‘you have a choice’. Yes, I suppose you can either choose the Gambinos, the Bonannos, or even possibly the outer party, the Corleones, but it’s hardly a choice in the sense of ‘I would like to choose my ruler, and I would like it to be myself’. Alas, with democracy, you usually get to choose one of two alternatives, one of a pair of duplicitous angels dancing together on the head of a pin. One of these angels will usually be slightly pink, and one of these angels will usually be slightly blue, but essentially, aside from a change of tie colour, these angels will be indistinguishable from one another, at least in terms of substantive issues.

They’ll both believe in government ownership of roads, schools, hospitals, security services, welfare services, and you. They may occasionally disagree on which corporate queens to pay welfare to, but they’ll almost certainly agree with each other that all banks need to be bailed out, along with all other state ‘enterprises’.

Take the odious George Osborne, the current ‘conservative’ Chancellor of the Exchequer (a.k.a. the top tax man), here in the unsceptred isle of Britain.

Libertarians in particular, and believers in freedom in general, are often under the unfortunate impression that ‘conservatives’ or ‘right-party’ hacks, are somehow in some way ‘on our side’. Indeed, when out of office, the rhetoric of such people is always that of freedom, choice, and the destruction of bureaucracy. And yet, whenever these appalling hypocrites achieve their greasy teenage dreams of power – to make up for all the girls and boys they failed to impress as teenagers – they always swallow their promises, and revert to type as revolting and destructive statists.

In George Osborne’s case, this has involved raising all manner of taxes and increasing the powers of his obnoxious legions of tax men, borrowing more money on the souls of unborn children than has ever been borrowed by any former chancellor before him, and wasting all of it on endless wasteful government boondoggles to keep his non-tax-paying government clientelle happy, or at least, less than foaming at the mouth.

What Britain needs, indeed what every country in the western world needs, is for government to simply disappear, to get out of the way, and to sack all of the tens of millions of useless (and worse than useless) apparatchiks, who do nothing but waste endless billions and spend their days trying to ruin the lives of others through the exploitation of destructive paper fiat regulations to grow their stupid little obfuscatory empires, all funded through the robbery of others.

Everything should be privatised. And yet these fools, these conservatives, these revolting pampered wearers of old Etonian ties, spin out the messages of socialism, as preached by John Maynard Keynes, including all of the hilarious nonsense about the Phillips Curve, the Marginal Propensity to Consume, and the really completely stupid Keynesian Cross, which contains so many ridiculous assumptions that it even makes a Shakespearean comedy look well crafted.

When these ‘conservative’ malcontents preach ‘austerity’, what they should be talking about – as Peter Schiff has so rightly said – is austerity for government. It is obscene government spending, borrowing, and money printing, to the gills, that has taken the western world into its current precipitous mess, and so it should be government spending and all of its nostrums that should be slashed to the bone to get us back to a world of economic sanity. (I would like government spending to be slashed to nothing, ideally. However, I’ll take a fifty percent cut in the interim as a halfway house.)

Alas, when these ‘right-wing’ conservative stooges declare austerity, they mean austerity for the people, for society, and not for the partying millions of dangerous parasites who labour under the name ‘civil servants’, when secretly, beneath contempt, they all like to think that they are our ‘civil masters’ and better than the rest of us, those who are forced to pay their wages at gunpoint.

They forget, at least in historical terms, that they are supposed to be working for us. And yet it turns out that we are supposed to deny ourselves our own lives, our own pleasures, and our own happiness, so that we can support them. And all of this absolute nonsense is cloaked in the mysterious magic of socialist Keynesianism, an economic and laughable religion of voodoo which should have died under the depleted uranium weight of stagflation in the 1970s.

It would be alright, I suppose, if it was only the socialist fools who tried to pump this drivel into our children and into our benighted economics professors at our ‘leading’ universities. As then it would be totally obvious how nonsensical it all is, that ‘printing paper’ can save us and induce a permanent increase in production – instead of the inevitable boom and bust cycle driven by mistaken and ultimately liquidated malinvestments – much in the same way that the Golgrafrinchams tried to save themselves in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by using tree leaves as currency before they started burning down all of the Earth’s forests.

So as a former deluded conservative party member, I say to all those out there still under the misguided impression that supporting ‘right-wing’ parties can do any of us any good (except the politicians who get elected), to please stop helping these dangerous self-obsessed people. They are nothing but socialists in blue shirts. At least the pink-shirt-wearing socialists are honest fools. The blue-shirt-wearing kind are much worse and can barely look at themselves in the mirror, such is their horror at their own chicanery. Yet some of them, the worst, actually believe that they are promoters of freedom – even as they raise taxes and increase government spending – when all they are is nothing but dishonest toilers for Karl Marx and the tall poppy socialist nostrums of envy and chimpanzee hatred for all who would dare better themselves.

So, please. I implore you. Stop following politics. And in particular, stop following ‘right-wing’ politics. It really is nothing but an addictive sport of following the chess game of power amongst different mafia families, the Bushes, the Blairs, the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Camerons. It is a complete and absolute waste of time. Indeed, it is worse than that. Because it has only been invented to help you waste your energy. In the words of the deeply-misguided Margaret Thatcher, the creator of the efficient British tax-taking state, starve these people of the oxygen of your attention. They are beneath contempt. Ignore them.

Stop working for the lizard of your choice to stop the other lizard getting in. Just say no to the lizards. Take that energy and start using it to work for someone else instead.