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John Embry: ‘everyone should look at Zero Hedge, Sinclair and KWN’

13 Jun

I had the great privilege recently of speaking to John Embry, the Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management. The interview is below:

Episode 131: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management (www.sprott.com), about the “Great Gold Takedown”, the road to hyperinflation, and the Orwellian nature of government economic information.

Along the way they discuss the possible financial fallout from the recent Bilderberg meeting and other clandestine conferences, good sources of truthful information for GoldMoney clients, and when western central banks might run out of precious metal.

They also touch upon black swans, how to remain motivated in the possible face of gold price suppression, and the realistic potential of future world monies based upon gold.

This podcast was recorded on 11 June 2013.

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Bilderberg: More Pigs Than Teats

9 Jun
Bilderbergers at Work

Bilderbergers at Work

And so, the Bilderbergers begin their final day this year, just twenty-five miles from where I write, attempting to further enslave the rest of us via their shadowy deliberations.

It’s the usual mafiosi gang of cut-throats, bandits, swindlers, and thieves, all out to suck the lifeblood from the rest of us via their usual mechanisms of statehood, taxation, regulation, corporate privilege, monopoly, money printing, socialised losses and privatised profits, government debt programs, snooping, gun control, foreign imperial adventurism, and straightforward crime.

All of course protected inside a ring of steel provided by the British government – a veritable nest of corrupt men and women belonging to the Bilderberg nexus – this steel ring paid for by money printing, taxation, and borrowing in other people’s names.

Some say that the Bilderberg is a giant world conspiracy to rule the world.

I see it as something simpler. To me, it’s merely a collection of disgusting immoral crooks carving up the proceeds of their crimes, in the same style as an overlarge Mafia Crime Commission.

Some indeed at the Bilderberg meeting may believe they are engaged in the inner clique of the inner cliques to rule the world, but they’re kidding themselves. Even while they’re all there, they’ll be figuring out how to shaft each other and how to turn each other over undetected.

This is nothing more than a loosely-connected and contractually-obligated set of macro-parasites and other assorted teat-suckers attempting to acquire an ever-larger portion of the spoils.

You can take all that ‘nobility of ruling the world for its own good’, Bilderbergers, and insert it into the appropriate orifice. We know you for what you are.


The global government paper money plot

18 Mar
Five central bankers plot a new paper money

Five central bankers plot a new paper money

In one of my favourite TV series of recent times, Firefly, a future world is shown to be an amalgam of Anglo-Saxon and Chinese cultures, with the stars of the programme speaking alternately in English and Mandarin.

The series is set in 2517, when two governmental superpowers – the United States and China – fuse together. In doing so, they create an Orwellian world socialist government called The Alliance, which our heroes spend most of their time trying to fight against. The stars of Firefly also did this in their excellent spin-off movie, Serenity, which even challenged The Matrix as being one of the best freedom-based movies of modern times.

But will it take until 2517 before such ‘superpowers’ attempt to wrap us up in the girdling chains of a global socialist superstate? For in plain sight, and using the same Gramscian language as the ‘climate change’ lobby, governmental powers appear to be getting together already, to create a global paper fiat currency. It seems they have perpetual thralldom on their minds for the rest of us, and hope a global paper money will form the new chains.

To my mind, the oncoming storm of a global paper money collapse is certainly anticipated by the world’s claque of ruling bureaucrats.

Some conspiracy theorists might even say it has been planned, to fulfil the tenets of the phrase “from out of chaos, order”. However, I would step back from going that far. Though I do think freeloading deadbeats become rulers by observing the phrase, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

As current ruling power is based upon paper fonts of wealth – such as the euro and the dollar – what will happen to our current rulers once these fiat currencies shrivel up and die? If I was in their gilded ruby shoes, the solution to me would be obvious. They must try to create a new global ‘super-money’ from the remains of their horrible paper scrips.

And now, from out of China, via a communist-sponsored conference, comes such an organisational attempt. They’ve even designed their own badge for our ‘new money’, which Keynes himself wished to call the ‘bancor‘:

"From Money Chaos to Global Currency"

“From Money Chaos to Global Currency”

This desired currency logo really is quite an ugly mash-up, supposedly with the ‘G’-sign standing for ‘global’. However, for me the whole thing symbolises a chain-wrapped two-celled prison, with the overall ‘G’-sign standing for ‘Government’ or possibly even ‘Gun’.

Conspiracy theorists will particularly like to note the two media partners of the planned event, Reuters and the Financial Times, both of which have long been ‘linked’ to the whole Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission nexus of ruling cognoscenti networks.

Though whether such conspiracies exist, or whether this planned conference is just a sign of desperation from our ‘rulers’, a global fiat currency will only put off the inevitable collapse of paper monies off for a short while. For in the end, freedom and truth will win out. And real wealth-creating and wealth-storing monetary alternatives will emerge along with them, whether these are BitCoin, precious metals, or simple Agorist trading solutions, or possibly all of these mixed up together.

Our nervous governmental apparatchiks can play their well-funded games I suppose, and they will win a little time, especially when backed by their tax-fed intellectual cliques. However, backing pieces of paper by threats of government force never ultimately worked in imperial China. Indeed, whenever such paper monies broke down – taking various Chinese empires with them – it was always a time of tremendous progress within the Middle Kingdom. And so it will be once again, but this time for the entire world. When our current paper monies break down, including this new planned global paper money, we will see tremendous progress both for the onward movement for societal civilisation and for the onward destruction of socialist barbarism.

Though do expect a few chaotic hurdles along the way, which we at The Euro Vigilante stand ready to help you with.

Survive these hurdles by acquiring as much real money as you can. And without wanting to get too heavy on the details of what ‘real money’ is, just make sure it’s something that other people will freely accept in the future without needing a legal tender government gun pointed at their head, to do so. Because when all of the world’s current governments run out of the real money needed to buy bullets for their guns, then we will be operating inside a whole new paradigm.