Swiss Bank Account


Yes, we at the Euro Vigilante can offer you a Swiss bank account, instantly – which includes online banking.

The setup fee is only €90 euros. Give us just one day to set it up, and give the bank a couple of days to send the documents to you. In order to do so, we are going to need some details about you, but only the standard things you might expect. The cool thing about this bank account is that we can change it to a numbered account later! But, to be honest, a numbered account might be fairly unhelpful, because non-Swiss banks will fail to accept incoming money from Swiss numbered accounts.

However, if you really wanted a Swiss numbered account, that would be completely up to you, without any further fees.

Anyway, this bank account service works for private personal accounts as well as for companies.

Contact us below, to get things rolling on having your own Swiss bank account.

Consequens Bono Ltd.
20 Rue Adrien-Lachenal
1207 Geneva

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