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Bilderberg: More Pigs Than Teats

9 Jun
Bilderbergers at Work

Bilderbergers at Work

And so, the Bilderbergers begin their final day this year, just twenty-five miles from where I write, attempting to further enslave the rest of us via their shadowy deliberations.

It’s the usual mafiosi gang of cut-throats, bandits, swindlers, and thieves, all out to suck the lifeblood from the rest of us via their usual mechanisms of statehood, taxation, regulation, corporate privilege, monopoly, money printing, socialised losses and privatised profits, government debt programs, snooping, gun control, foreign imperial adventurism, and straightforward crime.

All of course protected inside a ring of steel provided by the British government – a veritable nest of corrupt men and women belonging to the Bilderberg nexus – this steel ring paid for by money printing, taxation, and borrowing in other people’s names.

Some say that the Bilderberg is a giant world conspiracy to rule the world.

I see it as something simpler. To me, it’s merely a collection of disgusting immoral crooks carving up the proceeds of their crimes, in the same style as an overlarge Mafia Crime Commission.

Some indeed at the Bilderberg meeting may believe they are engaged in the inner clique of the inner cliques to rule the world, but they’re kidding themselves. Even while they’re all there, they’ll be figuring out how to shaft each other and how to turn each other over undetected.

This is nothing more than a loosely-connected and contractually-obligated set of macro-parasites and other assorted teat-suckers attempting to acquire an ever-larger portion of the spoils.

You can take all that ‘nobility of ruling the world for its own good’, Bilderbergers, and insert it into the appropriate orifice. We know you for what you are.


G20: Global Finance in Transition conference takes place in Istanbul

8 May

Hosts of the event

Interesting news emerges from within the bowels of the G20 organisation, the nascent world-government-in-waiting:

“On May 7-8, 2013, Istanbul (Turkey) will host the Global Finance in Transition conference. The event is organized by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey jointly with the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee and the Russian Ministry of Finance.

Representatives of G20 finance ministries and central banks, international organizations, research institutions and businesses will take part in the conference. Head of Turkey’s Central Bank Erdem Basci, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Sergei Storchak and Executive Director for the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee Marc Uzan will give the opening remarks at the conference.

Five panel discussions are planned as part of the event. They will cover the international financial architecture, in particular, changes in the flow of global investments, local bond markets and growth in emerging economies, incentives and determinants of investment and other issues. In addition it is expected that new instruments and incentives for making the global financial system safer will be suggested during the forum.”

It’s strange, of course, why the complete re-architecturing of the global financial system has been entirely missed by the mainstream media, despite being right in front of them. Alas, they have more important stories to cover, such as retiring soccer managers, ¬†boys with pet cheetahs, and Britney Spears finding dieting tough.

Well, I suppose such frothy bubbles keeps us proles happy, but investigative journalism certainly is a lot less challenging these days than it once aspired to be.

If we see any more emerge from this apparent non-story, we’ll be sure to let you know.