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The madness of government intervention knows few bounds

23 Jun

Count Freddy

History continuously displays the hilarity and ineptitude of government interventions. However, every now and again even I am surprised by just quite how stupid and fatuous government ministers can be once they have sucked up the enervating Kool-Aid of state power.

For instance, in this morning’s Telegraph newspaper I discovered that the British government – in a land famous for rain-drenched umbrellas and cancelled village summer fêtes – has decided to cover 75,000 acres of ‘their’ territory in solar panel electricity ‘farms’, all to be paid for by everyone else. Once the farms are built with the aid of generous subsidies, much of that finding its way into the Luxembourg bank accounts of  all the sponsoring politicians and lobbyists, the taxpayers will then be fleeced again to pay these solar farms NOT to produce electricity in the summer, the only real time of year when these farms might actually be useful.

Confused? Just check out your own local government. I’m sure they’re being just as idiotic and personally greedy in all departments, mixed into a frothy bribe-drenched cocktail of malice, aggression, and arrogance.

Getting back to my own local bunch of vain corrupt fools, first we have the Stalinesque/Hitlerite zeal of a striding pygmy colossus:

“Greg Barker, the energy and climate change minister, has disclosed that it is his “ambition” for 20GW of energy to be produced by solar panels in 2020 – effectively a ten fold increase in the number of solar farms currently built or being planned.”

Then we have a dash of the usual Robespierrian/Napoleonesque insanity:

“The warning suggests that solar farms will, like wind farms, have to be paid not to produce electricity.”

Next up, we’re treated to some Lilliputian/Blefuscuan tin-pot jingoism, carefully choreographed with a smattering of pompous bureaucratic mandarinese:

“Addressing Intersolar, an industry conference in Munich, the minister said he was determined to make Britain “a hub for global solar firms” and said no country in Europe had “more potential for future solar deployment”. The expansion “ambition” comes as generous subsidies – ultimately added to household energy bills – are being offered to solar developers under the Government’s Renewables Obligation scheme.”

And then the incredible and remarkable coup de grâce:

“However the disclosure of the Government’s plans for such a large expansion of solar energy raises the possibility that solar farms will also have to be paid to shut down during the summer months, when they produce the most electricity.”

You might want to re-read that bit again. I had to.

Would that ever happen on the free market? To ask the question is to know the answer.

All of this madness is of course backed up by the one-world governmental tax-raising meme scam of ‘global warming’, on a planet where temperatures have been steadily dropping for a decade inside a highly-volatile interglacial period.

No doubt, as we enter the next overdue ice age – when what little sunshine remaining in Britain becomes increasingly interrupted by even more by grey skies and rain – if the tax farms of England, Scotland, and Wales are still ruled over by the thousand-year Mafia known as the British government, they’ll perhaps have covered every last inch of this island in useless solar panels just in time for all that wasted silver to be permanently covered in snow.

However, putting all of that aside, we must continue to let these clowns rule over us, of course, because without their angelic guiding hands we would be unable to have any roads.

I work for the state, my pension is safe

18 Jun

Red Fleet

Do you work for the state? Do you think your future is safe? Do you think it’s funny that the mafia gang that pays your wages, expenses, and pension is going to ‘make’ me pay for you long after it has financially pummelled me into the ground (if it can find me)? Well, thanks for that. But I do believe I’m going to end up far more amused than you when the state you worship, adore, and sell your soul to each day, in return for the daily bread it steals from me, is going to cut you off at the knees and looks after its far more senior members instead.

It will do this when it runs out of my money, it can’t borrow any more money, and the money it can print is worthless. Read your classics history on ancient Egypt, ancient Persia, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. It’s all there. It’s all happened before. And it’s all going to happen again. Welcome to the Matrix of history rhyming with itself.

Don’t believe me? Just look and see what’s happening in Detroit, a sort of modern-day version of a Hadrian’s Wall outpost. Because this ‘letting go of the help’ is going to happen in every western state-run city in the world.

But avoid worrying completely. When I’m on the beach in Thailand, I’m sure I’ll be needing someone to wash my car.

Nigel Farage on “wholesale, violent revolution” in Europe

2 May

We’re loath to publish too much by politicians, here at TEV. However, we will make exceptions occasionally for those such as Ron Paul and Nigel Farage, two men who break the usual rule about politicians always lying when they open their mouths. Here is Nigel Farage speaking in front of Ron Paul at the recent Sovereign Man conference, talking about the politically-created disaster that is modern Europe:

As an added bonus, for any Nigel Farage fans out there who missed it, here is my own discussion with Nigel Farage, from a few months back:

Episode 87: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to Nigel Farage MEP, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, and co-chair of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group within the European Parliament.

They talk about the ongoing euro currency situation and the recent speeches from Mr Barroso, the President of the European Commission. They also discuss the recent news of the German Bundesbank’s decision to repatriate some of its physical gold reserves from the USA and France, and what the chances are of the UK leaving the EU — “Brexit” — in the next few years, and the likely fate of the euro and the EU itself.

This podcast was recorded on 15 January 2013.

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GoldMoney podcast: Tom DiLorenzo on big government

26 Mar

Tom DiLorenzo

A fascinating interview with Tom DiLorenzo, in which we discuss his new book, Organized Crime, which discusses how government insinuates itself into free market society…

Episode 112: Today’s theme is gangsters and government as Tom James DiLorenzo, an American economics professor at Loyola University Maryland, discusses his new book Organized Crime, with Andy Duncan.

DiLorenzo, who identifies himself as an adherent of the Austrian School of economics has published many books including 2 on Abraham Lincoln.

With 32 years of research and essays as an economic professor, DiLorenzo decided to go through his work, bring what was needed, up to date and then gather the papers together in one book that deals with such topics as decentralisation of power, workers and unions and money and the state.

DiLorenzo expounds his view on the corrupting nature of nationalised banking systems. Beginning with a fascinating look back to President Hamilton and the war bonds of the American Revolutionary War onwards to the creation of central banks to assist government motivations.

Moving to the present, Duncan asks DiLorenzo about the todays Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE´s) and their contribution to today’s malaise.

DiLorenzo then discusses what he would do to eliminate some of the problems facing modern economies and what he thinks the current US administration will actually do going forward and the possible consequences.

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The Rape of the Cypriots

19 Mar


Just where do we begin with the Cyprus story?

Obviously, whenever a politician’s lips move they’re usually telling a deliberate lie, except when they tell the truth by accident. But now everyone in Europe, indeed in the entire world, knows that the IMF and the EU are entirely crooked, right through to their cores. Anyone with more than a single brain cell, from the dumbest socialists through to heroic and complete believers in a totally voluntary society, will never trust anything either organisation ever says again, about any subject, which is all to the good.

For to expose themselves as such charlatans and as such liars in such a naked way as to directly steal other people’s wealth in such a brazen fashion, really does mark the noontide of their freeloading arrogance and their parasitical hubris.

From now on, for both mafiosi organisations, the only way is down. For we have entered the realm where global-aspiring government bodies have decided to treat what they think of as their serfs – to borrow the apocryphal words of Doug Casey – as beef cows rather than as milk cows.

They have crossed their own Rubicon and the die will now run against them.

As Jim Sinclair has reported, Russian oligarchs may have had hundreds of billions of dollars squirreled away in Cypriot bank accounts. For the IMF and the EU to steal 10% of this enormous stash via their joint rapine confiscation is obviously direct criminality of the most breathtaking and gargantuan kind. However, such a height of open theft – all at the stroke of a single crooked bureaucrat’s pen – will also generate geopolitical repercussions which will ring out across forthcoming generations.

Although similar in its metaphysical nature to the Roman Republic’s Rape of the Sabines – a key historical abduction which helped grow the nascent power of Rome – this Rape of the Cypriots will instead lead to a rapid decline of the dreadful paper euro currency and then to a slower decline of the appalling EU itself.

So if we’re to use Roman history as our guide, this criminal act is going to have an effect more like the Diocletianic Persecution of 303 A.D., which tried to wipe out Christianity. This massive government crime completely backfired too and achieved the absolute opposite of its intentions, to the point where the most visible remnant of the Roman Empire has become the Christian Church of Rome, a glorious historical rebuke to Diocletian’s original Historicist and murderous intent.

The IMF and the EU have just tried to savage Russia to save the euro. The result will be the destruction of the euro and the rise of what I hope in its fullest extent might become a 100%-reserve golden rouble.

Though I’ll settle for the simple destruction of the euro, if that’s all that’s on offer.

In the meantime, do what the Russians are going to do. Start turning your paper junk into metal ingots.

Start by using our precious metals links via our Euro Vigilante services menu option to start saving some real money, in half-decent jurisdictions, as opposed to storing paper scrip inside the turf territories of the mafia gang known as the EU.

For they have announced their intentions and you will hate yourself when they do it to you too, and you delayed acting. Over the next few years, they will either print your paper into leaf litter or just steal it directly from your EU-supervised bank accounts.

Turn that paper into precious metal instead, and store it outside the EU. Then you can go and have some crêpes to reward yourself for doing yourself such a favour.

Just like those who are able to leave the room in this video.

The global government paper money plot

18 Mar
Five central bankers plot a new paper money

Five central bankers plot a new paper money

In one of my favourite TV series of recent times, Firefly, a future world is shown to be an amalgam of Anglo-Saxon and Chinese cultures, with the stars of the programme speaking alternately in English and Mandarin.

The series is set in 2517, when two governmental superpowers – the United States and China – fuse together. In doing so, they create an Orwellian world socialist government called The Alliance, which our heroes spend most of their time trying to fight against. The stars of Firefly also did this in their excellent spin-off movie, Serenity, which even challenged The Matrix as being one of the best freedom-based movies of modern times.

But will it take until 2517 before such ‘superpowers’ attempt to wrap us up in the girdling chains of a global socialist superstate? For in plain sight, and using the same Gramscian language as the ‘climate change’ lobby, governmental powers appear to be getting together already, to create a global paper fiat currency. It seems they have perpetual thralldom on their minds for the rest of us, and hope a global paper money will form the new chains.

To my mind, the oncoming storm of a global paper money collapse is certainly anticipated by the world’s claque of ruling bureaucrats.

Some conspiracy theorists might even say it has been planned, to fulfil the tenets of the phrase “from out of chaos, order”. However, I would step back from going that far. Though I do think freeloading deadbeats become rulers by observing the phrase, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

As current ruling power is based upon paper fonts of wealth – such as the euro and the dollar – what will happen to our current rulers once these fiat currencies shrivel up and die? If I was in their gilded ruby shoes, the solution to me would be obvious. They must try to create a new global ‘super-money’ from the remains of their horrible paper scrips.

And now, from out of China, via a communist-sponsored conference, comes such an organisational attempt. They’ve even designed their own badge for our ‘new money’, which Keynes himself wished to call the ‘bancor‘:

"From Money Chaos to Global Currency"

“From Money Chaos to Global Currency”

This desired currency logo really is quite an ugly mash-up, supposedly with the ‘G’-sign standing for ‘global’. However, for me the whole thing symbolises a chain-wrapped two-celled prison, with the overall ‘G’-sign standing for ‘Government’ or possibly even ‘Gun’.

Conspiracy theorists will particularly like to note the two media partners of the planned event, Reuters and the Financial Times, both of which have long been ‘linked’ to the whole Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission nexus of ruling cognoscenti networks.

Though whether such conspiracies exist, or whether this planned conference is just a sign of desperation from our ‘rulers’, a global fiat currency will only put off the inevitable collapse of paper monies off for a short while. For in the end, freedom and truth will win out. And real wealth-creating and wealth-storing monetary alternatives will emerge along with them, whether these are BitCoin, precious metals, or simple Agorist trading solutions, or possibly all of these mixed up together.

Our nervous governmental apparatchiks can play their well-funded games I suppose, and they will win a little time, especially when backed by their tax-fed intellectual cliques. However, backing pieces of paper by threats of government force never ultimately worked in imperial China. Indeed, whenever such paper monies broke down – taking various Chinese empires with them – it was always a time of tremendous progress within the Middle Kingdom. And so it will be once again, but this time for the entire world. When our current paper monies break down, including this new planned global paper money, we will see tremendous progress both for the onward movement for societal civilisation and for the onward destruction of socialist barbarism.

Though do expect a few chaotic hurdles along the way, which we at The Euro Vigilante stand ready to help you with.

Survive these hurdles by acquiring as much real money as you can. And without wanting to get too heavy on the details of what ‘real money’ is, just make sure it’s something that other people will freely accept in the future without needing a legal tender government gun pointed at their head, to do so. Because when all of the world’s current governments run out of the real money needed to buy bullets for their guns, then we will be operating inside a whole new paradigm.