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Gold rouble? Russia emerges as world’s top gold buyer, adding 570 metric tons in last decade

14 Feb


Whether it is the Chinese or the Russians who eventually create a gold-backed currency (and my money is on the Chinese), it certainly seems very interesting that both countries are adding strongly to their gold stockpiles, which are probably being fed by gold-price-suppressing operations organised by the Western central banking cartel.

We also see in this story from Zero Hedge, that the real currency war isn’t between the dollar, the euro, and yen, but between fiat currencies and gold.

In a final linked story from King World News, Robert Fitzwilson concludes that both Russia and China know the end of the dollar is approaching, and are preparing themselves accordingly.

EU to start ramping up censorship

7 Feb

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 14.05.07

In the King World News interview linked to below, Nigel Farage discusses how the ‘Bureau’ of the EU (the functional equivalent of the old Soviet Union’s politburo), is going to start trawling Twitter and Facebook to ‘correct’ negative opinions about the EU. No doubt, as the EU morphs into the EUSSR, these ‘corrections’ will start to become ‘prohibitions’ and worse.

There’s also much more of interest in this KWN interview:

Here is the speech referenced to in the interview above, where Nigel Farage speaks to Monsieur Fran├žois Hollande, the current ruler of France: