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Nigel Farage on “wholesale, violent revolution” in Europe

2 May

We’re loath to publish too much by politicians, here at TEV. However, we will make exceptions occasionally for those such as Ron Paul and Nigel Farage, two men who break the usual rule about politicians always lying when they open their mouths. Here is Nigel Farage speaking in front of Ron Paul at the recent Sovereign Man conference, talking about the politically-created disaster that is modern Europe:

As an added bonus, for any Nigel Farage fans out there who missed it, here is my own discussion with Nigel Farage, from a few months back:

Episode 87: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to Nigel Farage MEP, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, and co-chair of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group within the European Parliament.

They talk about the ongoing euro currency situation and the recent speeches from Mr Barroso, the President of the European Commission. They also discuss the recent news of the German Bundesbank’s decision to repatriate some of its physical gold reserves from the USA and France, and what the chances are of the UK leaving the EU — “Brexit” — in the next few years, and the likely fate of the euro and the EU itself.

This podcast was recorded on 15 January 2013.

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Gerard Casey: ‘No property is safe in the EU’

9 Apr

Gerard Casey GoldMoney

I spoke recently to the splendid Professor Gerard Casey about his philosophical notions of property, before moving this on to talk about money (as property), Cyprus, Iceland, Ireland, and other related issues…

Episode 120: The GoldMoney Foundation’s Andy Duncan talks to Professor Gerard Casey of University College Dublin (­/). They discuss the philosopher’s views on property and the implications of the recent levy on Cypriot bank deposits.

Professor Casey explains why there is a need for property and how the notion of property evolved historically. They go on to talk about how this relates to money and legal tender laws which are essentially the monopolisation of counterfeit.

Talking about Cyprus, Casey states that wealth confiscation can come in different guises — upfront via taxes or hidden via inflation. He points out the unintended consequences of the Troika’s strategy in Cyprus as the taxation of depositor’s bank accounts is leading to a flight from the banks which the confiscation was supposed to rescue from insolvency. It also reveals that no property is safe in the EU.

Finally they discuss the chances of a euro break up; Casey’s book on Murray Rothbard; and the appointment of the new pope.

This podcast was recorded on 23 March 2013.

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Requiem for the euro

5 Apr

Requiem for the Euro

Apparently, according to Mister Mario Draghi, there is no Plan B for his ECB’s euro currency.

Of course, there is a Plan B just down the road from his Frankfurt headquarters, at the nearby Deutsche Bundesbank. And that is to turn every electronic euro stored inside the guts of every German bank into a Neue Deutsche Mark, along with every euro banknote printed with an ‘X’ as the first letter of its serial number. For ‘X’ marks the spot, with this magic letter standing for Deutschland über alles.

And although Mister Draghi fails to lose any sleep over this well-plotted German plan – for he will be well-compensated whatever situation arises – it is severely cramping his task to preserve the long-desired euro currency of his masters, the ruling integrated coalition of bankers and politicians, a dreadful coalition which Mises long predicted and feared. The euro is their first major step towards their holy grail of a single world fiat currency, and thus total permanent world power for them and their kin; they will therefore do anything to keep the euro going, even though it is already dead. With the Cypriot zombie now out of the closet, everyone sensible in the world now knows for a fact that the bank accounts of everyone in the Eurozone will be raided with impunity to prop up this diseased confection. However, many Eurozone tax-serfs still hold the vain hope that it will only be other people who are thus afflicted. This is the same vain hope that those heading towards Madame Guillotine suffered from, back in the French Revolution, that theirs would be the only case where a last-minute reprieve would be handed down from the Committee of Public Safety by a flustered and deeply apologetic Deputy Robespierre.

Unfortunately, all these soon-to-be-beheaded people were as wrong as everyone else is who thinks the euro is going to survive.

It is only a question of when and how it is finally decapitated, with each new permanent capital control – such as the ones already imposed in Cyprus – marking out its crowded and grubby pathway towards its own final bloody denouement.

To find a grim historical parallel, alas, we might need to turn to the defining situation of the USSR. This miserable socialist creature was born dead-on-arrival in 1917, just as the euro was born dead-on-arrival in 1999. Yet it took seventy-four years for the horrible utopia of the Soviet Union to finally get buried under its endless contradicting weight of economic depression, along with the seemingly invisible bodies of tens of millions of its murder victims forgotten by all socialists everywhere.

How long will this euro depression last, inside the EUSSR’s own socialist utopia? Another seventy-four years? And when do the door-knocks in the middle of the night start coming, to silence those who dare to say that it should be put out of its misery? Ten years from now? Five? One?

Let us hope the euro ends before any of that sort of nonsense starts. Let us also hope that the currency gangrene which began in Cyprus can quickly work its way up the leg of Italy, and from there into the deficit-ridden body of France, Belgium, and Spain, to end this gathering misery as rapidly as possible. It will be a blessing when it all ends. Personally, I hope I’m shocked tomorrow when the German government makes an amazing announcement about the Neue Deutsche Mark, and its immediate introduction. Though more likely, this will come after the gangrene has already spread through every other country in the Eurozone, and is threatening to creep over the Rhine from France.

So what does this death of the euro in Cyprus mean for the rest of us?

Alas, the Troika bankers and politicians of the IMF, the ECB, and the EU acquired their illuminated positions because of cunning intelligence, Keynesian immorality, and a fiendish devotion to their right to rule over the rest of us and to live forever on our backs. Yes, their collective mask slipped in Cyprus, but only because it truly is impossible for them to save the euro. When ranged against the impossible, even omnipotent government struggles.

They will continue failing to recognise the truth of the euro’s death until the bitter end, because to do so is to admit that they are simply ordinary men and women rather than magnificent angels ranged above us by God. They will therefore keep zapping this zombie with complex money printing scams, complex bank deposit raiding scams, and complex capital control scams, until they have finally destroyed whatever was left in Europe that was worth saving. One by one, each country in the Eurozone will thrown to ravenous maw of this euro zombie, until nothing is left in its path to consume.

So the quickest way to kill this creature, and to get it under the ground, is to remove all of your consumables from its path.

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GoldMoney podcast: David Howden on Europe and fiat currency

28 Mar

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 21.30.11

I speak to the excellent Professor David Howden about the future of the euro, how Cyprus changed everything, and what’s happening in Iceland…

Episode 117: The GoldMoney Foundation’s Andy Duncan talks to David Howden; Chair of the Department of Business and Economics, associate professor of economics at St. Louis University and co-author of Deep Freeze. They discuss the debt crisis in Europe and the race to the bottom between fiat currencies.

Howden thinks that the Euro will hold together in the short term, but he is rather pessimistic on the long term outlook of the common currency. One at a time countries which were formerly regarded as “stable” are being dragged into the debt hole. Though he assesses the problems in the United States to be even greater than Europe’s, he points out that whenever Euro fears start to creep up the US is benefiting due to the depth of its Treasury market.

They go on to talk about the situation in Iceland and Ireland, bank bailouts and the adverse effects of capital controls. With regards to the possibility of a global fiat currency Howden states that such a push would only happen under American involvement which he deems unlikely. Both men express their hopes that the coming currency crisis will make visible the flaws of monopolised money and lead to popular demand for the idea of competing currencies.

This podcast was recorded on 22 March 2013.

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GoldMoney podcast: Michael McKay: ‘we´re on the verge of being mugged by our governments’

23 Mar

Michael McKay GoldMoney podcast

I’m currently in Auburn, Alabama, at the Mises Institute, where I have been attending the Austrian Economics Research Conference. I’ve also been interviewing some of the speakers, sponsors, and attendees for GoldMoney Foundation. Here is my first interview, with Michael McKay, the host and founder of Radio Free Market, mainly on the subject of the Cyprus financial event.

Episode 108: On behalf of the GoldMoney Foundation, Andy Duncan interviews Michael McKay on the eve of the Austrian Economics Research Conference 2013. This vibrantly intellectual event is being hosted at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

Since 1996 scholars have gathered annually at this event to bring together research from the field of Austrian economics.

Michael McKay is host and founder of Radio Free Market and a scholar of Austrian economics.

Andy and Michael discuss Cyprus and what it may means to individual property rights, the euro project and the future nature of money.

They then discuss a few of the ideas and concepts that will be the focus of some lectures at the Austrian Economics Research Conference 2013. McKay considers whether hyperinflation can happen and the current global fiat currency architecture.

This podcast was recorded on 20 March 2013.

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The Rape of the Cypriots

19 Mar


Just where do we begin with the Cyprus story?

Obviously, whenever a politician’s lips move they’re usually telling a deliberate lie, except when they tell the truth by accident. But now everyone in Europe, indeed in the entire world, knows that the IMF and the EU are entirely crooked, right through to their cores. Anyone with more than a single brain cell, from the dumbest socialists through to heroic and complete believers in a totally voluntary society, will never trust anything either organisation ever says again, about any subject, which is all to the good.

For to expose themselves as such charlatans and as such liars in such a naked way as to directly steal other people’s wealth in such a brazen fashion, really does mark the noontide of their freeloading arrogance and their parasitical hubris.

From now on, for both mafiosi organisations, the only way is down. For we have entered the realm where global-aspiring government bodies have decided to treat what they think of as their serfs – to borrow the apocryphal words of Doug Casey – as beef cows rather than as milk cows.

They have crossed their own Rubicon and the die will now run against them.

As Jim Sinclair has reported, Russian oligarchs may have had hundreds of billions of dollars squirreled away in Cypriot bank accounts. For the IMF and the EU to steal 10% of this enormous stash via their joint rapine confiscation is obviously direct criminality of the most breathtaking and gargantuan kind. However, such a height of open theft – all at the stroke of a single crooked bureaucrat’s pen – will also generate geopolitical repercussions which will ring out across forthcoming generations.

Although similar in its metaphysical nature to the Roman Republic’s Rape of the Sabines – a key historical abduction which helped grow the nascent power of Rome – this Rape of the Cypriots will instead lead to a rapid decline of the dreadful paper euro currency and then to a slower decline of the appalling EU itself.

So if we’re to use Roman history as our guide, this criminal act is going to have an effect more like the Diocletianic Persecution of 303 A.D., which tried to wipe out Christianity. This massive government crime completely backfired too and achieved the absolute opposite of its intentions, to the point where the most visible remnant of the Roman Empire has become the Christian Church of Rome, a glorious historical rebuke to Diocletian’s original Historicist and murderous intent.

The IMF and the EU have just tried to savage Russia to save the euro. The result will be the destruction of the euro and the rise of what I hope in its fullest extent might become a 100%-reserve golden rouble.

Though I’ll settle for the simple destruction of the euro, if that’s all that’s on offer.

In the meantime, do what the Russians are going to do. Start turning your paper junk into metal ingots.

Start by using our precious metals links via our Euro Vigilante services menu option to start saving some real money, in half-decent jurisdictions, as opposed to storing paper scrip inside the turf territories of the mafia gang known as the EU.

For they have announced their intentions and you will hate yourself when they do it to you too, and you delayed acting. Over the next few years, they will either print your paper into leaf litter or just steal it directly from your EU-supervised bank accounts.

Turn that paper into precious metal instead, and store it outside the EU. Then you can go and have some crêpes to reward yourself for doing yourself such a favour.

Just like those who are able to leave the room in this video.

EU to start ramping up censorship

7 Feb

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 14.05.07

In the King World News interview linked to below, Nigel Farage discusses how the ‘Bureau’ of the EU (the functional equivalent of the old Soviet Union’s politburo), is going to start trawling Twitter and Facebook to ‘correct’ negative opinions about the EU. No doubt, as the EU morphs into the EUSSR, these ‘corrections’ will start to become ‘prohibitions’ and worse.

There’s also much more of interest in this KWN interview:

Here is the speech referenced to in the interview above, where Nigel Farage speaks to Monsieur François Hollande, the current ruler of France: